Filling Pieces

These high-end sneakers from Filling Pieces hail from Amsterdam. A reason to start saving; you could call it an investment. It is made from fine quality leather, comes from excellent workmanship, and has a long lifespan. In bright red, intense black or ingenious prints. It is never too much.

Break the ice
These pieces dream of a leading role in your outfit. Let them be the center of attention. They deserve it, they can do it. Go for a minimalist look. For example, choose one color, like black. Opt for the best materials. So your best T-shirt, jeans, and most luxurious leather biker jacket. When you match this with vivacious colored sneakers, the ice is broken in an instance on your next date.

With your eyes closed
A sneaker is not just a sneaker. The proof: Filling Pieces. When you rub the shoes with your eyes closed, you can feel the difference. You can feel the quality. The different textures, like you've never seen before. This label always surprises you. Follow the new collection each season.

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