Are you the tough, sporty type? And do you prefer timeless pieces which can withstand heavy use? You’re at the right place here at Moncler. This French-Italian luxury brand has been designing premium men’s and women’s clothing in that style since 1952. Ideal for ski trips, but also for a day at the office, a city trip or a hiking expedition. As for the name? It refers to the French mountain village of Monestier-de-Clermont.

A luxurious jacket
Feather-light quilted jackets, warm cardigans, and indestructible pants: this is Moncler. Casual but also classic. The color palette consists mainly out of dark blue, red, cream, and gray. How can you match those to create a fantastic outfit? Take the sturdy, brown hiking boots and combine it with your favorite jeans and a black turtleneck. Wear over this a soft red jacket, and voila: a timeless outfit.

Innovative beauty
Moncler works every day to create something new and innovative. The brand is especially popular with snow lovers. And for a reason: the soft, light jackets keep you warm, move with your body - but are also very stylish. Take a look at the younger offshoot Moncler Grenoble, for more vintage-like fashion pieces.

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