Philipp Plein

Is your wardrobe filled with special pieces with unique details and made from remarkable materials? Then the clothing from Philipp Plein is definitely for you! Philipp Plein creates items for people that choose the extraordinary things in life. The company aims to set trends rather than following them, giving rise to a brand famous for both unbridled luxury and an edgy style. At first, Philipp Plein started with a Home Collection. Afterwards, the focus switched to creating clothing. Their first collection of casual fashion - shirts, sweaters, and shoes - was launched in 2004. In 2006, accessories were added, followed by the Haute Couture Collection in 2008. Philipp Plein lives by his creed of breaking rules and barriers, doing the unexpected and shaking people out of their complacence, while never ignoring the main objective of having fun and enjoying life.


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