Marcelo Burlon

Marcelo Burlon is a no-nonsense label for men. The almost electric prints jump out from the T-shirts and sweaters. The garments are extravagant, visually attractive, and hail from Milan. Often, the base is a deep black with contrasting colors. They are undoubtedly luxurious, comfy pieces - to huddle into but also to sit front-row with at the same time. In other words: streetwear to the max.

Carry on
Marcelo Burlon. You should pair a name like that with the latest sneakers, your best black pants, and your most sophisticated black biker jacket. Alright, and your favorite hat. And wristwatch. Did we forget anything? No. Then go on to your date or meeting. Before you leave your home, are your shoes clean and your jacket stain and wrinkle-free, like the rest of your outfit? Perfect.

All-over look
Marcelo Burlon, we want more. When you see the T-shirts and sweaters, you wonder: where's the rest? Where are the pants, jackets or shoes? Ideally, you'd go for the complete look, however, it's not possible with this label. No worries. We have something much better. Namely, a mix and match. With other wonderful labels that seamlessly fit here, such as Filling Pieces, Philipp Plein or Versace.

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