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Terms and Conditions for consumers for the website, applications, and services regarding Boutique24.com.

What’s Boutique24.com
Boutique24.com is an intermediator. This means that Boutique24.com mediates the establishment of an agreement between you and the Retailer(s). For our services the Terms and Conditions, shown down below, apply. The Terms and Conditions are shown to you before completing your order because of its importance. Please read it carefully. We advise you to print and/or save the Terms and Conditions.

You can place an order via Boutique24.com, which establishes an agreement between you and the retailer that offers the product that you ordered via Boutique24.com.

Boutique24.com is a private company with limited liability, registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce number 54755689, established at De Limiet 19, Vianen, the Netherlands. You cannot pick up orders here; for the addresses look for the Retailers on Boutique24.com.

What’s a Retailer?
A Retailer is a natural or legal person who offers their products via Boutique24.com. The name of the Retailer is shown with the product and in the overview of your order. 

Ordering from Boutique24.com
When you order from Boutique24.com, we forward your order to the Retailer concerned. You will receive a confirmation mail regarding your order from Boutique24.com. The handling and delivery of the order will be conducted by the Retailer. Boutique24.com is not party to the purchase agreement. Boutique24.com immediately entrusts your order to the Retailer(s) concerned .

During the ordering process, you can clearly see from which Retailer you are ordering. All Retailers who offer their products on Boutique24.com maintain their own terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are applicable to the purchase agreement you have reached with the Retailer. You can find these here. 

Prices, product features, and other information
Boutique24.com always tries to provide you with the correct information. After all, you base your decisions to purchase a product based on this information. Nonetheless, it is possible that some information is incorrect. We’re happy to help when you receive something different than expected. If the Retailer’s description differs from what you received, we will ask the Retailer to resend you the right product. If this is not possible, you can let us know if you would like to either keep the delivered product or to return it.

Because Boutique24.com aims to offer a satisfying range and keep our customers satisfied , we would appreciate it if you could mention any incorrect information, even if you want to keep the product. You can do this by emailing to service@boutique24.com

Online payments
Payments done directly on Boutique24.com.com will be transferred to the Retailer concerned. If you cancel your order within the statutorily approved period, termed the “cooling-off period”, we will refund your payment. In the case of a Retailer failing to (fully) deliver your order, we will also refund your payment. If a dispute arises about an online payment, you can lodge a complaint with Boutique24.com. Email us at service@boutique24.com

Although we make every effort to prevent it, something might go wrong with our mediation (for example, the website is not working properly). Of course, we'll try our best to ensure that you will return to Boutique24.com because without our customers we would not exist. Did you encounter a mistake on the website or do you think that you can improve the user experience? Let us know at service@boutique24.com

Despite Boutique24.com being an intermediator, and therefore is not responsible for the execution of the contract you conclude with a Retailer, Boutique24.com is interested to hear from you. Boutique24.com strives for quality. If you have any complaints about the mediation or retailers, you can contact us at: service@boutique24.com We will do our best to mediate between you and the retailer which you have a complaint about. You can also submit a complaint to the Dispuut Thuiswinkel in case the complaint can not be solved by us. You can also submit your complaint to the Disputes Commission through the European Online Dispute Resolution platform.

Identity of the trader
De Limiet 19
4131 NR, Vianen
The Netherlands
Email: service@boutique24.com
Chamber of Commerce number: 54755689
VAT identification number: NL851428113B01 

Privacy statement
Boutique24.com collects the information you have provided in its systems and shares it with the Retailer(s) from whom you ordered a product and those who are involved in the execution of the agreement. In accordance with the Data Protection Act you have the right to all the information we have gathered and, if necessary, to correct it. You can mail us for this at service@boutique24.com

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